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Molecular Sciences is a research-focused cross-disciplinary field that studies molecular materials, structures and systems and their application to real-word problems. The main aim of this discipline is to explore the properties and behaviour of different types of molecules that make up matter, in order to develop new types of materials, or better learn how to make use of them to create new technology that will help solve energy and environmental problems.

Molecular Sciences serve as a basis for other scientific areas such as Medicine and Pharmacology, Bio-molecular Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Neurobiology, Materials and Chemical Engineering. Molecular Sciences also involve aspects of scientific innovation and discovery, ethics considerations and environmental sustainability.

Specialised courses in Molecular Sciences are based on the main focus areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology. Classes may include topics such as: molecular biology, molecular life sciences, biomedical and molecular sciences, chemical and molecular sciences, molecular health sciences, molecular science and technology, or molecular science and engineering.

You’ll develop skills like learning to work in scientific teams as well as how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. Molecular Sciences challenge the ways in which students see and understand the world, stimulating creative solution-oriented thinking that cross traditional boundaries.

Molecular Sciences professionals typically work in Medicine and medical engineering, pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics, agriculture and forestry, forensic sciences, scientific consultancy. Many welcome the possibilities to gradually advance in management positions, while others continue their research as senior scientists.

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