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Neuroscience is a sub-field of Biology that specialises in the study of the nervous system structure, evolution and function. Neuroscience is constantly developing, but it can be divided into the branches of cognitive, clinical, computational and developmental neuroscience. Being an interdisciplinary science, it is closely related to other disciplines such as Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Linguistics, Computer Science, Engineering, and Philosophy.

Neuroscience studies the cellular and operational levels of the nervous system, and on how these affect behavioural patterns. Which means it is concerned with how the brain works and how processes in the brain affect behaviour and cognitive functions. A lot of Neuroscience work is conducted through laboratory experiments and theoretical research using specialised tools, techniques and computer simulations. Neuroscience research may track brain activity or map out brain functioning related to certain brain conditions using MRI scanning or computerized 3D modelling.

Students can also be equipped to investigate the nervous system with its microscopic structure and biologic processes, leading to the design of artificial intelligence systems. Specialisations in Neuroscience include: affective neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, molecular neuroscience, neuroimaging, neurophysiology, neuro-linguistics, social neuroscience, etc.

Neuroscience graduates can work in the pharmaceutical industry, health agencies, companies that deal with information and communication science, management structures in public health. Traditional neuroscience careers include neurologist, neuroanatomist, neurological surgeon, neuro-pharmacologist, psychiatrist or electro-neuro-diagnostic technician.

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