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Everything you need to know about studying Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Natural Sciences and Mathematics are a group of disciplines that focus on discovering, researching, and understanding the laws governing the natural world. All their efforts are focused on the analysis, description, and prediction of natural phenomena (e.g. magnetism, energy, chemical reactions, ecosystems). Experiments and observation are the basis of new discoveries – which are always supported by empirical evidence.

People who want to study Natural Sciences have a large number of subdisciplines to choose from, such as Applied Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics, Statistics, and others. These subdisciplines are categorised as either Life Sciences, like Ecology, Anatomy, and Botany; or Physical Sciences, such as Physics, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, or Chemistry.

Depending on the specialisation you choose, Natural Science programmes can include courses like Modern Physics, Vector Calculus, Thermodynamics, Gravity and Relativity, Cell Biology, Genomics, Statistical Reasoning and Modelling, Analytical Chemistry, etc.

Most of the major discoveries that have changed our world were made by people passionate about the exact sciences. For others, your work might be just a bunch of numbers, formulas or some principles that are hard to understand. But your scientific endeavours can have a positive impact in numerous fields. Remember that many commodities we enjoy today — the internet, electricity, heating, trading, shelter — wouldn’t be possible without science. People like you will make the breakthroughs of the future, and through Natural Sciences, you can join the ranks of the most brilliant minds that changed the world.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics careers include work in interesting domains, such as Statistics, Game Theory, Cryptography, Finance, Economics, Philosophy, etc. Natural Sceinces graduates have developed their your problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to conduct experiments, synthesise information, and draw conclusions based on research.

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